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Community Achievers

Academic achievement and career development initiative for middle and high school students.


The Community Achievers Program reaches into the heart of the community for Teen Achievers, as well as professional adults. Our program recognizes the adult accomplishments & success by utilizing their talents & experiences to share knowledge with our Achievers. The national program provides inspiration and positive influences into the lives of our Achievers.

For more details about this program, contact Katia Carson at [email protected] or 828-419-4436.



Everyone should have the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve. Through this program we will prepare young people for their future by providing leadership experiences for existing and emerging community leaders through communal reinvestment in our youth.



  • Developing the individual talents, academic and leadership capabilities of each achiever while instilling a greater sense of self-confidence.
  • Exposing achievers to a wide variety of careers and assisting them in developing the skills that are necessary to complete successfully in the market place.
  • Providing constructive recreational, artistic and social opportunities as a means of achieving a well balanced life.
  • Encouraging corporations and businesses to sponsor and/or employ youth in the program as interns and summer replacements.



To support, encourage, and equip teens with skills and competencies needed to gain acceptance to and graduate from institutions of higher learning and successful entry into the workforce. These goals are facilitated through academic support, career exploration, college preparation and leadership development.



Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in our schools and communities. Join us for an interactive and engaging session that will provide students the opportunity to share experiences and to embrace unique voices.