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As the nation's leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community, we work side by side with corporate partners to improve the quality of life for local employees and their families by creating opportunities to get healthy, give back, and nurture a positive work environment.


Health and well-being boost employee engagement and productivity.


At the Y, we know that's important to the health of an organization and the overall health of our community. That's why we tailor our corporate membership and wellness programs to strengthen the whole person in spirit, mind and body.

From fitness assessments to preventative health education, everything we do focuses on meeting the individual needs of each person and providing a welcoming network of support where everyone has access to the resources and encouragement they need to thrive.


For more information please call Lala Kozischek at 828-578-6995 or email her at



  • Unlimited access to 3 YMCA facilities including the Hickory Foundation YMCA, Phifer Family YMCA and the Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA.
  • 3 Wellness Orientations
  • Complementary on-site childcare for children ages 6 weeks - 9 years old while using YMCA facilities.
  • Member exclusive rates on childcare programs, sports leagues, camp and swim lessons.
  • Unlimited group exercise classes including yoga, TRX, Spin, Boot Camp, Zumba and much more!
  • Access to a splash pad, 3 indoor pools an outdoor pool, steam room, saunas and hot tubs.
  • Adult sports leagues, basketball courts, tennis courts and walking tracks.
  • Community programs such as Diabetes Prevention Program, Livestrong (Cancer Survivor Rehabilitation), community health fairs and much more.
  • Access to most YMCA's throughout the United States throughout Nationwide Membership Program.


  • Better Health-leads to better work performance and a sense of well-being.
  • Positive Attitudes-improves companywide moral.
  • Healthy Workforce-reduces overall healthcare costs
  • Wellness-means lower turnover rates and absenteeism
  • Balance of spirit, mind and body-employees with this handle stress and tension better.
  • Companies that sponsor an employee wellness program send a clear message to their employees that executive leadership values their overall well-being.
  • Minimal time commitment-simplified billing process, easy implementation and flexibility to tie into overall wellness plans.
  • Onsite wellness programs like lunch n' learns, representation at company health fairs and employee challenges.



To sign your company up for a corporate membership, follow these steps.

  • Choose the option that best fits your company's vision of health, wellness and financial commitment.
  • Designate a company contact to act as a liaison to communicate your corporate membership benefit plan to employees. The company contact will also act as a liaison to the YMCA membership administrator
  • Contact Lala Kozischek, Corporate Wellness Director, at 828-578-6995 or