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The YMCA of Catawba Valley is a place of community and growth for all. When we are faced with times that the power of US is in doubt, we must do all we can to build and strengthen those necessary bonds within our community. We at the Y are determined to help continue to foster those bonds.

We strive everyday to build US through programs which nurture, inspire, nourish, encourage, connect, heal and teach our kids, adults, seniors and families. These efforts help build our community of US.


We cannot do it without your help. We count on the generosity of our donors to make a strong statement to the community about the value and importance of the YMCA mission and to make a better US possible.






Access & Belonging for All

Your gift helps us ensure access and community for all through high-impact programs that change lives.

At the YMCA of Catawba Valley, our doors are open to all. We offer a place for belonging, relationship-building and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual. Our inclusive network of support helps people from all walks of life find the encouragement and tools they need to thrive, regardless of age, ethnicity, ability or income.


Youth Potential & Academic Success

Your gift helps us inspire kids through programs which promote growth and development.

The YMCA of Catawba Valley realizes that the prosperity and growth of our community relies on the success and nurturing of our children. Understanding that not all children have what they need to always succeed and thrive, we always offer positive experiences with great role models, which promote academic success, develop healthy habits, and build strong self-esteem.


Community Health Challenges

Your gift helps change the outcome for people facing health issues through inclusive, impactful programs.

Chronic health struggles are on the rise, including Type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke, heart disease, cancer and other conditions. We at the Y are committed to helping people understand the risks of these issues, and we provide the support needed to combat chronic disease, improve activity, and lead healthier, more enjoyable lives.


Drowning Prevention

Your gift helps us save lives through our high-impact programs.

Three children die each day from drowning, with a shocking 88% of youth drowning incidents occurring under adult supervision. That’s why teaching children how to be safe in and around water is a very important necessity. At the Y, we are committed to preventing drowning by giving all kids the opportunity to learn the life-saving skill of swimming.