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The YMCA of Catawba Valley is proud to announce the launch of its Diabetes Prevention Program, aimed at empowering individuals to take control of their health and reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Another class is set to commence in February, aligning with the National Heart Month, as part of the YMCA's commitment to promoting overall well-being within the community.

Type 2 diabetes is a prevalent and preventable health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. The YMCA of Catawba Valley recognizes the importance of proactive measures in the fight against diabetes and is excited to offer this comprehensive program to the community.

Lu-Oma said, “The Diabetes Prevention Program has turned my life around. I worked with the coaches on a plan that will help adjust my lifestyle in a positive way. I am continuing what I’ve learned in the program in my daily life and strive to prevent type 2 diabetes.”

The Diabetes Prevention Program at the YMCA is an evidence-based initiative designed for individuals at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The program focuses on making lasting lifestyle changes through a combination of physical activity, nutrition education, and group support. Participants will receive guidance from trained lifestyle coaches, access to educational resources, and the support of a community committed to fostering healthier habits.

Key Program Features:

  • Expert Guidance: Participants will benefit from the expertise of certified lifestyle coaches who will provide personalized support and guidance throughout the program.
  • Group Support: A sense of community is integral to the program's success. Participants will meet regularly with a group of like-minded individuals, fostering mutual support and motivation.
  • Nutrition Education: Participants will receive practical and realistic information about healthy eating habits, enabling them to make informed choices for long-term well-being.
  • Behavioral Change: The program addresses the behavioral aspects of lifestyle change, helping participants overcome challenges and establish sustainable habits.
  • Physical Activity: The program emphasizes the importance of regular physical activity tailored to individual fitness levels and preferences.

The YMCA of Catawba Valley invites community members to join this life-changing program starting in February. To register or learn more about the Diabetes Prevention Program at the YMCA of Catawba Valley, please visit or contact Lala Kozischek at [email protected]. Take the first step toward a healthier future with us.

Media Contact: Margaret Ann Graffagnino: [email protected]